Recruitment of disabled learners

In line with the Employment Equity Act companies are encouraged to recruit learners living with disabilities into their organisation.  These learners are often placed on learnerships and then absorbed after the learnership into the organisations employ.  It is important to select these learners carefully as often there is more to consider than the disability, learners may have additional challenges regarding transport which can also affect time keeping.  Our learners and host companies are carefully selected to complement each other for learners to get the maximum benefit out of the experience, often this is the first time they are in a working environment and additional care is required to make this a success.  Organisations that are embarking on hosting unemployed leaners are given a sensitisation workshop to make this a mutually beneficial relationship.

Bconsult has partner agreements with many organisations working in the disability sector as well as schools and colleges specialising in working with disabilities, learners are recruited via these sources.

The learner’s medical certificates are verified by the administration department to authenticate the disabilities.  The disabilities are also verified according to the EE/B-BBEE classification to get the point allocation on the scorecard if this is a requirement.


Training for people living with disabilities

Disabled learners require special accommodation in the training environment.  The training room and building must be able to accommodate their specific needs. Our building is wheelchair friendly, and we have restrooms to accommodate disabled learners.  Lighting is also checked to not create a challenge with learners that have epilepsy or sight impairments.  Our facilitators are specially selected and have experience in working with learners with disabilities.  The training material is also printed to accommodate specific needs and all learners have access to the learner mentor to discuss any challenges they experience with the learnership not only with the theory but general issues that may come to light in the duration of the training.

BConsult has successfully delivered the following learnerships to people with disabilities:

  • End User Computing Level 3
  • Labour Recruitment Level 4
  • Generic Management Level 4
  • Business Administration Level 4

We are willing to tailor make and design custom learning programs surrounding Disability Awareness specifically aimed to suit a particular client’s needs.

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