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The Recruitment And Training Process Of Disabled People

Recruitment Process 

In line with the Employment Equity Act, companies are encouraged to recruit, and place learners with disabilities into learnerships, and thereafter absorb them into their organisations. 

At Bconsult, learners living with disabilities, as well as, hosting companies, are carefully selected to complement each other and create a conducive working environment. During the authentication process, a disabled learner’s medical certificate is verified according to the EE/B-BBEE classification, by our administration department. While accommodating a hosting company’s interests is important, accommodating a learner living with a disability is also as important.

The facilitators and mentors at Bconsult are specially trained in working with learners living with disabilities. The facilitators and mentors have an open door policy with the learners to discuss challenges that candidates may experience during the duration of their learnership.

Bconsult offers tailor-made learning and training programs aimed at disability awareness.

Numerous learners living with disabilities have successfully completed the following learnerships at Bconsult:

The unique service BConsult offer is that we not only advise on the plans and strategy we actually implement the strategies and compliances required.

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