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Host Solutions

Bconsult offer a fully hosted solution for companies wanting to embark on learnerships for unemployed people but cannot host them at their organisation.

After covid we found many companies that embarked on learnerships were now working remotely, which made it challenging to have learners in the workplace as there wasn’t anyone around to train and mentor them.  At the same time other organisations that had financial constraints require learners to add capacity to their operations and are excited about the opportunity of hosting learners and providing workplace experience.   We also have agreements with NPOs who are always looking for additional resources.

The host employer must be able to provide workplace experience to the learner in the line of the learnership being completed.  Host employers are also required to have mentors and supervisors that sign off the learner’s logbook, this ensures that the learners are gaining workplace experience. Workplace experience offers more than an opportunity to gain on the job training for the specific qualification.  Learners can use the workplace experience to show an organisation their aptitude and can use this experience as an opportunity to be employed by the host after completion.

Learners also receive a reference letter from the host, which is a valuable addition to their cv, they are assessed at the workplace on various soft skills which make their journey into full time employment far easier.  They learn time management, conflict resolution, teamwork, and business etiquette in addition to the tasks that form part of their daily work experience.

All hosts are assessed by Bconsult and monthly reports detailing attendance, time keeping, and general work ethic are reported back to Bconsult.  Bconsult has a Learner Manager who administers and facilitate the communication between a learner and organisation and keeps contact.

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