Our B-BBEE Consulting services outline the elements that make up the BEE score.

We provide an analysis and strategy to address the gaps, and an end-to-end solution to assist your business with the implementation process, taking care of the compliances which are often not met for B-BBEE.

BEE consulting greatly helps with the finer details of the points system and ensures that your company will not miss out on points due to minor inconsistencies. We are here to help with every step of the process from strategizing a plan of action to the gathering of information and documents needed for the BEE audit.

The unique service BConsult offer is that we not only advise on the plans and strategy we actually implement the strategies and compliances required.

Many times companies don’t have the capacity to do the administrative requirements necessary for BEE. This is where Bconsult offer a valuable service.

The investment incurred by bringing in a BEE consulting firm can be greatly rewarded in the future. Clients may or may not want to do business with you, solely depending on your BEE score. This is not something to take lightly. Our services ensure that your organization will get the most out of BEE laws. The rapidly changing laws can make it difficult to keep up and implement. Allow us to ease this process and make the application a lot less demanding.

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We do the following BEE administration functions in addition to the strategies.
Management Control
  • Employment Equity Plans
  • Employment Equity Reports
  • Disabled recruitment
Skills development compliance
  • Learnership Implementation
  • Work skills plans and Annual Training Report (WSP/ATR)
  • Applications for tax concessions
  • Disability recruitment and training
Supplier & Enterprise Development
  • Collection and analysis of BEE certificates
  • Enterprise Development Beneficiary analysis
  • Supplier Development Beneficiary analysis

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Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and B-BBEE (Broad based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE)Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment allows allcompanies to be scored on a broad base not only on black economic interest. Therefore a company can get a good BEE scorecard regardless of the amount of black employees or black owners in a company as long as they meet the requirements in the other (Broad Based) elements.

BConsult aims to assist clients in a cost effective manner, all our clients are unique and each strategy is tailored to be as simple and effective as possible. We educate our clients to understand BEE and then make informed decisions.

A verification company is the company that gives you the BEE certificate, they are the auditors and are not allowed to assist you to improve your score.

Your clients will be asking for your BEE certificate as your score (certificate) has an impact on their BEE score rating. Companies have to have at least 80% of their supplier’s BEE certificates in order to get a score for procurement. If you care about your customer you will see that you have a good BEE rating to improve their rating.

No you need to get points in each element, Management Control, Skills Development, Supplier and Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development of the B-BBEE scorecard to get a good rating for BEE.

Yes, definitely you need to get a good score in each of the other elements, Management Control, Skills Development, Supplier and Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development, to get a good score.

BEE is only expensive if you don’t know how to implement it or you have left everything until the last minute, a good consultant will be able to assist you to implement BEE cost effectively, with tax concessions and SETA funding to assist you.

BEE is not a law however you will find over time that your clients start using other suppliers who have got BEE score cards as the pressure to comply will increase.

The basic premise behind BEE is transformation. The scorecard is used to determine how much a company is transforming after apartheid. Depending on the score that the company attains, the BEE rating will be given a status of a Level 1 contributor (the highest/best) to a Non-Compliant contributor. Companies would apply for BEE status at a BBBEE verification agency. This can be done on your own but having the guidance of a BEE consultingfirm will yield much better results for your application. This is because a few strategic changes can produce a much better score.

The following five codes are used to calculate a business’s B-BBEE score:

  • Ownership- for points on this code, there needs to be a percentage of black ownership in a company and they need to be directly involved in the strategy and leadership of the company along with their financial compensation. The ownership code accounts for 25 points of a BEE score.
  • Management Control – the points earned here are determined by the amount of black people across junior, middle and senior management levels of a company. It accounts for 19 percent of the total score. Management control also measures the amount of disabled people a company employs.
  • Skills development – if a business has a vested interest in its staff and is dedicated to improving their skills, then it can be used to gain BEE points. A highly skilled workforce is only going to benefit the company so it is a win win Skills development consists of mentoring and learnership programmes. It must be noted that these must qualify within the guidelines of the BEE outlines. BEE consultingfirms are a good measure in assisting with this aspect. Implementing learnerships will also benefit companies with tax concessions and a lot of funding can be claimed from the various SETAs.   much as 20 BEE points can be earned on skills development.
  • Supplier and Enterprise Development- to earn points here is one of the easiest. A company would simply have to buy products from a company that has a high BEE rating. It has great value for the economy as it creates a chain reaction for businesses to support BEE compliant companies. With a 40 points up for grabs, it is the code (other than ownership) with the highest number of points. Supplier and Enterprise Development also represent the number of black owned enterprises supported by your business.
  • Socio-economic development- businesses social responsibility also comes into play in BEE scoring. BEE points are earned on the percentage of black recipients that will benefit from the company’s donations. 5 percent of the BEE score comes from this code.

The above codes form the basis on which the BEE level score will be calculated. The company must show how they plan to achieve points from the codes they wish to apply with. BEE consulting firms help companies in determining which codes will yield points for the individualized interests of their company.

By bringing in a BEE consulting firm, the company will also be privy to experienced help of what will actually be of use for the application. There is no need for a company to go blindly into a BEE audit and hope for the best.