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BEE Consulting

Our B-BBEE consulting services outline the elements that make up the BEE score. 

We provide an analysis and strategy to address the gaps, and an end-to-end solution to assist your business with the implementation process, taking care of the compliances which are often not met for B-BBEE. BEE consulting greatly helps with the finer details of the points system and ensures that your company will not miss out on points due to minor inconsistencies. 

We are here to help with every step of the process from strategizing a plan of action to the gathering of information and documents needed for the BEE audit.

Nompilo Working at Bconsult Bee Consulting

The unique service BConsult offer is that we not only advise on the plans and strategy we actually implement the strategies and compliances required. 

Many times companies don’t have the capacity to do the administrative requirements necessary for BEE. This is where Bconsult offer a valuable service. The investment incurred by bringing in a BEE consulting firm can be greatly rewarded in the future. Clients may or may not want to do business with you, solely depending on your BEE score. This is not something to take lightly. Our services ensure that your organization will get the most out of BEE laws. The rapidly changing laws can make it difficult to keep up and implement. Allow us to ease this process and make the application a lot less demanding.

Management Control

Employment Equity Plans
Employment Equity Plans
Disabled recruitment

Skills Development Compliance

Learnership Implementation
Work skills plans and Annual Training Report (WSP/ATR)
Applications for tax concessions
Disability recruitment and training

Supplier & Enterprise Development

Collection and analysis of BEE certificates
Enterprise Development Beneficiary analysis
Supplier Development Beneficiary analysis

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