Wholesale & Retail Generic Management
Level 5

SAQA Qualification ID: 63334


Why study Wholesale and Retail Generic Management Level 5

A person acquiring this qualification will be able to manage first line managers in an organisational entity. First line managers may include team leaders, supervisors, junior managers, section heads and foremen. The focus of this qualification is to enable learners to develop competence in a range of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values including:


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of the Information Technology industry
  • Monitoring and measuring performance and applying continuous or innovative improvement interventions in the unit to attain its desired outcomes, including customer satisfaction, and thereby contributing towards the achievement of the objectives and vision of the entity.
  • Leading a team of first line managers, by capitalising on the talents of team members and promoting synergistic interaction between individuals and teams, to enhance individual, team, and unit effectiveness to achieve the goals of the entity.
  • Enhancing the development of teams and team members through facilitating the acquisition of skills, coaching, providing career direction, and capitalising on diversity in the unit.
  • Initiating, developing, implementing, and evaluating operational strategies, projects, and action plans, and where appropriate, recommending change within teams and/or the unit to improve the effectiveness of the unit.


Who should study Wholesale and Retail Generic Management Level 5?

This qualification is designed for individuals involved in an organisation’s wholesale and retail function operating at a management level who have other junior managers or team leaders reporting to them and wish to upskill themselves.


Wholesale and Retail Generic Management Level 5 potential careers

Director of Operations                                                                  Wholesale Supervisor    

Warehouse Manager                                                                     Purchasing Director

Stock Replenisher

Packaging Manager


This qualification is run over 12 months.

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