Supply Chain Management
Level 5

SAQA Qualification ID: 74149


Why study End Supply Chain Management Level 5

The National Certificate: Supply Chain Management– NQF level 5 qualification aims to equip learners with the competencies required to engage in the process and inter-relationships across the supply chain to create sustainable value for organisations. This qualification assists practitioners to be effective leaders and managers within the supply chain. Supply Chain Management meets some of those Public Sector needs and is also suitable for the private sector.


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Equip supply chain practitioners to understand and respond to the changing supply chain management environment.
  • Enable supply chain practitioners to be innovative, creative, and competitive in the supply chain management environment.
  • Measure and improve supply chain performance.
  • Analyse, assess, manage, and mitigate risk.
  • Develop and manage legal, contractual arrangements associated with purchasing and supply.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a supply chain management environment
  • Execute a supply chain strategy for the organisation
  • Contribute to the
  • Manage and develop sustainable supplier relationships.
  • development of a supply chain strategy and operational plans for the organisation


Who should study Supply Chain Management level 5?

The target groups for this qualification are people working within operational to middle management positions within the various processes of the supply chain or those who are aspiring for such positions. Learners who have, in the past, held a supervisory position within the various supply chain processes are most likely to find the qualification applicable to them.


Supply Chain Management Level 5 potential careers

Export Department Manager                                                      Planning Analyst              

Supply Chain Planner                                                                 Fleet Controller

Logistics Manager

Demand Planner


This qualification is run over 12 months.