Production Technology
NQF Level 4

SAQA Qualification ID: 58779 


Why Production Technology NQF Level 4?

This qualification contributes to the industries in manufacturing and related fields which will allow learners who achieve the qualification to contribute and function in areas such as production planning and control, optimisation, systems and maintenance, logistics, quality and occupational health and safety. The production technology competencies incorporated in this qualification can also be offered as support skills programmes to incumbents in any other manufacturing, engineering, and technology field qualifications.


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Promote, implement, and maintain procedures that support quality assurance and control.
  • Solve operational problems in a production process.
  • Contribute to budgeting processes in an operational unit to optimise resources.
  • Measure, control and improve factors influencing productivity.


Who should study Production Technology NQF Level 4?

 intended for personnel already employed and other learners who intend to follow a career in Production Technology. The unit standards classified as core may be added to other industry qualifications to provide a management focus and align qualifications to the work done by learners. The focus is on comparison, choice, interpretation, and application of knowledge.


Management Technology NQF Level 4 potential careers



Production Staff

Machine Controller

Machine maintenance


This qualification is run over 12 months.

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