NQF Level 1 ­

SAQA Qualification ID: 23523


Why Study Manufacturing NQF Level 1?

Manufacturing NQF level 1 has been designed as a foundation for a wide range of occupational and work-place based qualifications. This qualification specifies the key values, knowledge, and skills that are required in the engineering and manufacturing qualifications in the Further Education and Training sector. It provides learners who have no formal qualification with an opportunity for assessment to recognise prior learning, identify gaps, and structure learning programmes to close those gaps. 


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Select a learning path and identify the skills and qualifications that will enable him/her to achieve his/her goals and target.
  • Apply numeracy and communication skills in the engineering and manufacturing industry.
  • Understand the science and technology which underpins the conversion processes.
  • Understand the engineering and manufacturing workplace environment, procedures and policies which govern that it
  • Understand, use, and care for basic tools and technology.


Who should study Manufacturing NQF Level 1?

For learners who have formal school qualifications but no work experience, this qualification specifies the necessary knowledge, skills and values required to participate learning processes within a formal work environment.


Manufacturing NQF Level 1 potential careers

Manufacturing Assistant                                                               Production Team member

Assembly Team Trainee                                                                Production Line Worker

Entry Level Safety Technician


This qualification is run over 12 months.

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