Employment Equity Committee Training is best suited for committees requiring an update in their training or an update in the new amendments. This 1/2 day training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation or EE Committee.

A Free Employment Equity video is provided with all our training, this video is a practical tool that can be used to train all the employees in an organisation.

Our courses have been described as practical and informative and offer practical tools for EE implementation.

Half Day

Unpacking the Employment Equity Act:

  • Understanding the Act
  • Purpose of the Act

Understanding the impact of the new amendments and the implementation:

  • New amendments gazetted in 2014
  • Implications of the amendments
  • How to implement the amendments successfully
  • Fines and penalties as per the new amendments

Functions of the EE Committee:

  • How to nominate committee members
  • Duties and roles of the committee
  • Assessing barriers within an organisation
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