Business Practice Level 1

SAQA Qualification ID: 61755


This is a must-have Business Practice programme is for organisations wanting to improve the skills and workplace performance of entry-level staff (NQF1). It provides foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, communication, computer, and basic business principles. It is suitable for employees who may have dropped out of school before grade 10 and therefore lack essential professional skill


Why study Business Practice Level 1?

This qualification enables learners to communicate and work with figures in a business environment, while the core component offers empowerment in areas of technology, life orientation human and social sciences, economics, and management, as well as cognition theory and practice. It provides grounding in the key business essentials, while offering a range of elective choices which assist in preparing learners for the world of work.


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial qualities.
  • Identify, analyse and select business opportunities.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic accounting practices.
  • Plan to manage one’s time.
  • Understand the impact of customer service on a business.
  • Communicate and articulate more effectively within the organisation.
  • Improve the use of mathematical literacy in the workplace, using applicable End User Computing applications
  • Learn Microsoft excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and spreadsheet application.


Who should study Business Practice Level 1?

 Business Practice is for utilisation by all members of the population. Anyone preparing to become employed, or self-employed, in any business whatsoever would be the persons most likely to be attracted to this qualification. In fact, many newly (or not-so-newly) appointed personnel, or struggling entrepreneurs, could benefit from part or all this qualification. 


Business Practice Level 1 potential careers

Business Manager                                                                           Data Capturer   

Office Admin


Online Teachers


This qualification is run over 12 months.