Business Administration Services
Level 4

SAQA Qualification ID: 61595 


Why study Business Administration Services Level 4?

In all organisations there is a need for an efficient business administration department to offer administrative support to all other departments. A business Administrator plays a significant role in ensuring that the senior staff can work effectively and efficiently on the business and delegate administrative tasks to the business administrator.


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Manage all Administration records him/herself.
  • Assist others in the organisation to manage their administration.
  • Make amendments to report format and writing style, if necessary.
  • Liaise with clients (internal and external) to verify that the format used for reports serves the purpose.
  • Identify information sources to be able to quickly access information when it is required.
  • Take appropriate action when service providers fail to deliver as agreed.
  • Institute the appropriate provisioning procedures to secure the service of providers.
  • Analyse trends and the impact of fraud in the organisation/sector.
  • Knowing what types of fraud can exist in an office environment.


Who should study Business Administration Services Level 4?

Business Administration Level 4 is intended for employed and unemployed individuals who wish to be involved in the Administration function within any industry, or non-commercial venture/organisation. This qualification equips learners with skills, knowledge and values required in the Business Administration industry.


Business Administration Services Level 4 potential careers

Secretary                                                     Relationships manager

Switchboard operator                                  Reception supervisor

Systems administrator                                    Project Coordinator

Sales Manager


This qualification is run over 12 months.

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