Business Administration Services
Level 3

SAQA Qualification ID: 67465


Why study Business Administration Services Level 3?

Business Administration encompasses all facets of administration involved to ensure that all departments function effectively and successfully. The work of a business administrator includes planning, leading, controlling and organising activities within an organisation


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Gather and report information.
  • Plan, monitor and control and information system.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of employment relations.
  • Coordinate meetings, minor events, and travel arrangements.
  • Plan and conduct basic research in an office environment.
  • Utilise technology to produce information.
  • Participate in meetings and process documents and communications related thereto.
  • Maintain booking systems.
  • Set personal goals


Who should study Business Administration Services Level 3?

Business Administration Level 3 is intended for employed and unemployed individuals who wish to be involved in the Administration function within any industry, or non-commercial venture/organisation. It contains all the competencies, skills and values required by a learner who wishes to access the National Certificate in Business Administration Services at NQF Level 4.


Business Administration Services Level 3 potential careers

Secretary                                                     Relationships manager

Switchboard operator                                  Reception supervisor

Systems administrator

Sales Manager

Project coordinator


This qualification is run over 12 months.

Business Administration Level 4