Level 4

The purpose of the qualification is to equip entry-level persons in the advertising industry with the competence required to supply support services in an advertising environment. Qualifying learners are able to manage their time, solve problems and make decisions independently, conduct gap analysis and control, work in teams and respect individual abilities, maintain interpersonal relations, create their own role and value, and promote entrepreneurship in the advertising sector. This qualification allows learners to self-select the advertising industry and their specific area of interest.

  • SAQA Qualification ID: 50479
  • NQF Level: 4

This qualification is run over 12 months.

Skills for

  • Storing advertising information for easy access and retrieving information as required.
  • Selecting external resources for art and creative direction according to specified resource requirements.
  • Preparing and finishing art work and copy for print and delivery according to given specifications.
  • Gathering information relevant for strategy, research or client service.
  • Producing and managing creative or client service documentation and organising meetings according to given requirements.
  • Collecting information regarding media that meets media planning requirements.
  • Processing production accounts against given budgets.
  • Supporting advertising productions according to given production management requirements.
  • Allocating resources to advertising jobs according to delivery (traffic) requirements.
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