Advertising Level 4

SAQA Qualification ID: 50479 

This course covers all aspects of advertising across different areas, and you will develop knowledge and skills on advertising in the diverse communications industries which are the print, broadcast, and social media. 


Why study Advertising Level 4

The purpose of this qualification is to equip entry-level persons in the advertising industry with the competence required to supply support services to an advertising environment. Advertising level 4 forms the basis for progression, and qualified learners can add value in the various specific areas or functions, cumulatively adding value to advertising end-products.


A Qualifying Learner will be able to:

  • Fulfil specific roles within advertising teams to meet objectives.
  • Manage their time, solve problems, and make decisions independently.
  • Store advertising information for easy access and retrieving information as required
  • Allocate resources to advertising jobs according to delivery (traffic) requirements.
  • Collect information regarding media that meets media planning requirements.
  • Gather information relevant for strategy, research, or client service.
  • Select external resources for art and creative direction according to specified resource requirements
  • Produce and managing creative or client service documentation and organising meetings according to given requirements.


Who should study Advertising Level 4?

This course is intended for employed and newly employed individuals entering a Media and Advertising and aiming at upskilling themselves and unemployed individuals who want to develop their skills and become more employable.


Advertising Level 4 potential careers

Sales Representatives                                                                   Advertising Coordinator                

Copywriter                                                                                         Marketing roles

Media Planning

Communications and media officer


This qualification is run over 12 months.