Employment Equity is a strategic process which needs consideration and practical implementation. We can assist you with Employment Equity plans, strategy, training, submissions and much more.

According to The Employment Equity Act, No 55, 1998, it incorporates two elements: a) the elimination of unfair discrimination and b) the implementation of affirmative action measures to enable the equitable representation of employees in relation to their population groups, gender status and disability status in the workplace.

Employment Equity is a strategic process which needs careful consideration and practical implementation processes.

Designated Employers are compelled by law to comply with the Employment Equity Act. Designated Employers have more than 50 employees or if an employer has less than 50 employees, but has a turnover of more than the threshold, they will still be a Designated Employer.


  • Municipalities
  • Organs of State
  • Employers who volunteered to be Designated Employers
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