Why I LOVE learnerships.

With the new B-BBEE amendments, I cannot see how any organisation can achieve their skills development targets without implementing learnerships, yet daily we have to explain to companies why they should implement learnerships in their organisation.  If you have a skills development facilitator and you  haven’t been advised to implement learnerships , you need to ask WHY???

Learnerships are AWESOME, they are a little gift from the government that can add far more value than you could ever believe.

Ok, so what is a Learnership?

A Learnership is a qualification which has a work place component.

What does that mean?  It means that the person has to do the theory for the qualification as well as get experience in the workplace for that qualification, both of these components are assessed before the qualification can be awarded.

Why do I love them?

Because they offer an organisation enormous benefits , while at the same time providing the learners with a qualification and work experience.

We have had unemployed people complete a learnership and find employment in the industry they worked in.

People that had not completed Matric were able to obtain an NQF Level 4 ( same as a Matric).

Why do my customers love them?  Yes even my clients love Learnerships.

Because they have received B-BBEE points, tax concessions, training for their employees, employees feel valued and more loyal when they are involved in training, and the best reason because the SETA paid for the training.  Some have run unemployed learnerships, adding capacity to their company and training new staff for a year before having to employ them.

This year alone we have secure more than R 😀 1.7 million in discretionary grants for clients.