Why do a Work skills plan?

Why do a work skills plan?

Although this question is asked far less than in the past, we do still get companies asking why they should complete their WSP/ATR.

Here are the reasons in no particular order, but there should be at least one reason that can convince you that its worth the effort.

1) B-BBEE points, if you do not submit your WSP/ATR in time you are unable to score any points in the skills development element.  No matter how much money you spent on training…it can’t be claimed.

2) 20% of your skills development levy will be paid back to your company for training of your staff.  Often the companies that don’t claim their 20% are the same companies that complain they have no funds for training.

3) Discretionary grants can only be granted to companies that have submitted their training plans to the SETA.

4) Reporting on training is part of the requirement for Employment Equity compliance, a work skills plan is a good place to start your training processes.

5) Learnership submissions can be included in your work skills plans for tax concessions and rebates.

6) Companies can request funding for training unemployed learners.

7) Organisations can use the WSP to apply for interns, these if successful will be paid for by the SETA.

8) Unemployed Learnerships get applied for through the WSP, the SETA will be responsible for the stipend.

9) Critical and scarce skills get reported, making it easier to get funding for training of skills that are scarce if a particular industry.

10).Training budget can be partly subsidized by the SETA.