Skills Development

Skills Development

Estimates put the current unemployment rate in South Africa at approximately 25%, with many of those lacking any experience or expertise beneficial to finding work. Effective skills development can have a huge impact on new recruits and your existing workforce, training new skills or developing existing abilities in order to benefit both the employee and the employer.

Skills Development Services

At B-Consult we offer a wider range of services to complement our robust skills development training  solutions, including:

Full Skills Audits – these can help you to easily identify those in your workforce who need training and skills development, as well as aid further recruitment and succession planning.

Work Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports – to aid you in the procurement of grants and bursaries (training paid for by the SETA).

Coordination with SETAs and Training Providers – we’re able to attend SETA interventions, BEE updates, complete expressions of interest and coordinate training on behalf of your organisation, relieving some of the pressure on your busy HR Managers. We can also use our experience to apply for grants and bursaries and increase your chances of success.

Facilitate Learnerships – we’ll ensure that Learnerships actually add value to your business, securing R60,000 tax concessions per learner as well as adding BEE points to your score.

Employment Equity – your organisation can improve its BEE score through effective skills development laid out in achievable Employment Equity Plans.

Training Development – with our guidance you’ll realise that effective training ceases to be a cost, but a return on investment that results in higher productivity, higher morale and more efficient staff – resulting in improved profitability.

Information on Skills Development

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