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The purpose of the skills programme is to provide a broad introduction to HIV/AIDS in the workplace. It introduces knowledge about HIV/AIDS that will enable learners to be informed and caring workers in an industry and managers to develop appropriate policies to deal with the pandemic. The focus of this HIV Training course is knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in relation to the learner and management with a view to creating a caring environment in the workplace and the community.
hiv training
The HIV Training course qualifying learner is capable of:· Explaining HIV/AIDS.· Interpreting current trends in the HIV/AIDS pandemic in order to explain the potential impact on an organisation or business sector.· Investigating the guidelines and assistance that are available to support workers affected by HIV/AIDS.Explaining the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic for the community, the economy, an organisation and a specific workplace.

Our HIV training course is a great programme and is highly beneficial to any organization. 

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HIV Training

The HIV training course aims to educate a company’s workers on the HIV/AIDS disease, its impact on society and workplace policies. HIV is particularly a dreaded term in South Africa which has one of the highest number of infected individuals in the world. Although information is everywhere, the full nature of the disease is not fully understood by most people. This leads to an HIV infected person then infecting other people leading to a domino effect, resulting in millions of people who are currently living with the disease. An HIV training course is a vital means of halting the spread of HIV while creating awareness in the workplace. Participating in the course will also provide the means to create a supportive and compassionate workplace environment.

Our HIV training course is for both general workers and management.

The staff will gain a comprehensive understanding of the disease along with policies available in the workplace regarding HIV/AIDS. One of the main components included in our HIV training course is encouraging the staff to get tested and the future steps to take to ensure that if a worker does test positive, the disease does not spread from them to another person. An after effect of HIV training would be staff then relating the information they learnt on the course to their families.

Staff in a leadership role will get equipped with the tools to effectively manage the disease in the workplace and take on a leading role in promoting fair workplace practices. If HIV does become a factor in the workplace, then management will know how to implement strategy that has been laid out by the company and laws of the country. Not investing in an HIV training course can have a taxing effect on the company. If a worker does have the disease and does not know about it, then they will not know to take measures to go on ARV’s. This will mean that HIV will lead to full blown AIDS much faster and result in the loss of a skilled worker.

Having a thorough knowledge of this disease which has a devastating effect on many South Africans leads to many benefits within the workplace. First of all fear will not be as widespread when workers understand the nature of HIV and exactly how it is transmitted. If a worker does come forward publicly with their status, co-workers will be able to better handle the situation and be more compassionate. Knowing the laws and policies in place will have a positive status worker not live in fear that their job will be taken away if their status does become public. Being taught at the HIV training course that there will be no negative consequences from the workplace regarding disclosure of the disease leads to workers who are more at ease. When this happens, workers will not have this burden dangling at the back of their minds and can have clear focus on their work schedule with the company benefiting from an increased level of productivity.