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1)  B-BBEE explained in simple terms.

2)  How to analyse a B-BBEE Scorecard

3)  How you can improve your B-BBEE score.

4)  How to improve your B-BBEE just by training your staff. 

5)  How to claim back your skills development levy.

6)  How to apply for discretionary grants from the SETA.

7)  How to claim R 60 000 tax concessions for learnerships.

8)  How Learnerships lead to B-BBEE points.

9) The new Pivotal Grant system.

10.)  What the new B-BBEE codes will mean.


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If your company has a payroll of more than R500 000 per annum you have to pay Skills Development Levy (SDL) of 1% of your payroll to SARS every month, this is your sdl contribution
All companies that pay this levy (its regulation) are entitled to a Mandatory grant and a Discretionary grant.
A Mandatory grant is 20% of this SDL (Skills Development Levy) contribution, this means that 20% of your SDL will get paid back to you if you comply with the regulations.
The Discretionary grant is at the SETA’s discretion, as a company you apply for the grant and at the SETA’s discretion this gets paid to you for training courses for your staff.
A lot of companies know how to claim their skills development levy (sdl) back and they don’t know that they are entitled to the grants.
This seminar will explain how to claim these grants.
In addition the seminar will explain the benefits of Learnerships, and how running a learnership will give you a tax concession of R 60 000 per person that the company places on a learnership.
We will show you how to apply for funding to run your learnership and apply for the tax concession.
In addition we will discuss
The benefit of Learnerships to your B-BBEE scorecard,
What does Skills Development mean and how can it benefit your company.
We will de-mystify B-BBEE and verification and what the difference is between a B-BBEE verifier and a B-BBEE Consultant.
How money spent on training will benefit your B-BBEE score.


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“Presentation was superb” – Luvhombo Group