Employment Equity Training

Employment Equity Training
NQF Level 5 ID 116923
This course will assist companies on becoming compliant with the Employment Equity Regulations.
All companies that employ more than 50 employees are LEGALLY obligated to comply with the EE Act.

The attendees will receive a sound understanding of the following:
Employment Equity Compliance.
Employment Equity Act in Relation to Gender, Race & Disability
Organisational Compliance Reporting.
Employment Equity & Affirmative Action & Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.
Unfair Discrimination
Understanding Affirmative Action
Understanding Black Empowerment
The Relationship between EE, AA & BEE
The Duties of Designated Personnel & Voluntary Compliance
Methods of Consultation & Collaboration – Employment Equity Committees
Disclosure of Information Requirements & Legislation Recordkeeping Requirements

Transformation reports
Reporting to the Department of Labour
Format & Layout of the EE Report
Internal & External Marketing Strategy
Surveys and Analysis of the Workplace
Organisational Dynamics and the Impact of EE
Trends that impact on EE Implementation & Compliance
Organisational Performance Benchmark Reports

Monitoring of Employment Equity Implementation
The Impact of Employment Equity on Business Plans & Business Tenders
BBBEE Certificates
How to include the EE plan as integral part of the Human Resources policy

Overall Employment Equity Reporting
Failures and Areas of Need

Employment Equity Committee Requirements
Nomination of Committee Members
Duties of Committee Members
Terms of Reference of the Employment Equity Committee
Employment Equity Policy Requirements
Codes of Good Practice applicable to Employment Equity
mployment Equity Compliance.
Employment Equity Act
Organisational Compliance Reporting.