Employment Equity & Training

The introduction of the Employment Equity Act was an important step forward in the elimination of unfair discrimination in the workplace. The Act promotes fair treatment, equal opportunity and representation – enabling designated groups to enjoy the same rights and privileges as any employee. Any employer with a staff of fifty or over is subject to the legislative requirements set down in the Act, and B Consult offer high-quality Employment Equity Training that can help you and your workforce to follow the guidelines and submit the necessary reports for assessment by the Department of Labour.

The first step in any move towards Employment Equity is effective training, ensuring your staff are familiar with the Act itself and understand their role in its implementation. It’s usual to designate an Employment Equity Manager who will take responsibility for your programme, as well as an Employment Equity Committee that’s made up of representatives from all levels of your company, including both designated and non-designated groups. All members of this committee must receive Equity Training and B Consult offers time- and cost-effective training packages that help your staff to meet their obligations and ensures your company is on track to meet its annual reporting requirements.

Spend a little time exploring everything included in our Employment Equity Training, or contact us directly to discuss Equity Training for your staff, we’ll be happy to arrange a free consultation with you to evaluate your specific requirements for training. And don’t forget to click through to our Free Seminars page to see when our next open event is being held too.


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