Employment Equity Training – Full Day

Employment Equity training
Employment Equity

Unpacking the Employment Equity Act – Full Day Employment Equity Training

Course Outline

Employment Equity Training
Employment Equity Training

– Understanding the Act.
– Purpose of the Act.
Understanding the impact of the new amendments and the implementation.
– New amendments gazetted in 2014.
– Implications of the amendments.
– How to implement the amendments successfully.
– Fines and penalties as per the new amendments.
Employment Equity and the impact on B-BBEE
– How EE impacts on the scorecard.
– Why EE must be integrated effectively.
How Employment Equity affects skills Development.
How to set Employment Equity targets for your organisation.
Practical steps to draw up an Employment Equity Plan.


Functions of the Employment Equity Committee.

– How to nominate committee members.
– Duties and roles of the committee
– Assessing barriers within an organisation.
Unfair discrimination.
– Identifying unfair discrimination.
– Direct and indirect discrimination.
– Medical and psychological tests .
– Recruitment
Reporting on Employment Equity.
– Forms required for reporting.
– Completing an EEA2
– Completing an EEA4
– Frequency and deadlines for reporting.

Checklist to assess your organisations compliance with Employment Equity.

How to pass an EE audit?

Employment equity Plan is updated and re mediated to comply with the new laws.

1st Employment Equity Meeting takes place at the end of the training