Employment Equity Plans

Employment Equity Plan

Employers must prepare and implement and employment equity plan, which will help to reach employment equity in their workplace.
Based on Legislation in Section 20, of the Employment Equity Act

What Must Employers Include In The Plan?

Employment equity plans must show –

objectives for every year;
affirmative action measures that will be implemented;
where black people, women and people with disabilities are not represented –
numerical goals to reach this;
timetables; and
timetables for annual objectives;
the duration of the plan (not shorter than a year or longer than 5 years);
procedures that will be used to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan;
ways to solve disputes about the plan; and
people responsible for implementing the plan.
Based on legislation in Section 20, of the Employment Equity Act

Non – compliance will result in a R 1 500 000 penalty.

As part of our service to your organisation we can assist with the drawing up of your Employment Equity Plan.