Designated Employers

A designated employer means an employer who employs 50 or more employees,ABSA Bank Call center. Auckland Park Johannesburg. 18th April 2008

or has a total annual turnover as reflected in Schedule 4 of the Act,

municipalities and organs of state. Employers can also volunteer to

become designated employers.


Sector  or  subsectors  in  accordance  with  the  Standard Industrial Classification Total annual turnover

Mining and Quarrying


Electricity, Gas and Water


Retail and Motor Trade and Repair Services

Wholesale Trade, Commercial Agents and Allied Services

Catering, Accommodation and other Trade

Transport,Storage and Communications

Finance and Business Services

Community, Special and Personal Services

[R2,00 m] R6.0m

[R7,50 m] R22,50m

[R10,00 m] R30,00m

[R10,00 m] R30,00m

[R5,00 m] R15,00m

[R15,00 m] R45,00m

[R25,00 m] R75,00m

[R5,00 m] R15,00m

[R10,00 m] R30,00m

[R10,00 m] R30,00m

[R5,00m] R15,00m’’.


Section 13: Duties of designated employers

(1) Every designated employer must, in order to achieve employment equity, implement affirmative action measures for people from designated groups in terms of this Act.

(2) A designated employer must:

● Consult with its workers

● Conduct and analysis

● Prepare an employment equity plan

● Report to the Director-General on progress made in implementing its employment equity plan.