Employment Equity Consultation

The Employment Equity Amendments have been gazetted on the 16th January 2014  and the fines for non compliance are strict.bee1

Let us help your Human Resources draw up an Employment Equity Plan that is compliant with the new rules and achieves the targets you need to reach.

Employment Equity is a strategic process which needs careful consideration and practical implementation processes.

One of the major changes to the Act is  that organisations need to show their procedural implementation of their plan.  A plan can no longer be “lip-service” but has be a working document, outlining the steps to implement Employment Equity in the Workplace.

After many years of consultation and training in this field, this the most exciting time for Employment Equity as organisations are finding solutions to achieving equity target and goals.

At BConsult we look forward to working with your organisation and not only assisting you with meeting the counties Employment Equity objectives, but formulating a plan that will boost productivity and profitability through your Employment equity endeavors.