Disabled Training in South Africa

“In the past many conscious and sub conscious barriers were created for a variety of reasons regarding the functionability of people with disabilities.

For companies to remain competitive in the world of work and the global market, legislation and organisational policies were subsequently put into place to not only actively employ people with disabilities but also recognize their rights and dignity in the world and in the workplace.”

With our two day Disability Awareness training program, BCONSULT strives to assist and facilitate the interaction between people with and without disabilities. BCONSULT believes that education, training and development can improve this participative process by removing all barriers through providing clarity to people so that they can understand the lived experience of the person/s living with a disability.

Our disabled training awareness also seeks to not only change the way people think, but to provide the knowledge basis for dealing with people with disabilities by remaining sensitized to their needs, recognizing the support they require and communicating with them taking each person’s unique situation into account.

In closure – as BCONSULT is an active believer of adult life long learning, we would like to see that communities, institutions and the world of becoming more inclusive by allowing people with disabilities to reach their full potential.”

We would like to partner with you for your disabled training requirements.

BConsult will assist in the sourcing and recruitment process of disabled employees.
Training and Learnership interventions.

Dept. of Labour requirements and code of good practice compliance.

BConsult has successfully delivered the following learnerships to people with disabilities.

  • End User Computing Level 3
  • Labour Recruitment Level 4
  • Generic Management Level 4
  • Business Administration Level 4

We are therefore willing to tailor make and design custom learning programs surrounding Disability Awareness specifically aimed to suit a particular client’s needs.