Business Administration Level 4

business administration learnership PURPOSE AND RATIONALE OF THE QUALIFICATION

This Qualification is for any individual who is or wishes to be involved in the Administration function within any industry, or non-commercial venture/organization. The qualification is a learnership programme so the student will be gaining a theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the subject of administration. Essentially, this means getting workplace experience whilst working towards the qualification. The Business Administration Learnership is also the building block to advance the learner into the National Certificate in Business Administration Services: NQF Level 5.

The Core Component of the Qualification offers the learner knowledge and skills in the Management of Records, Comprehension of written and verbal texts, Business Writing, Problem Solving, Ethics, Cultural Awareness, Self-Management and Self Development, Project Teamwork and Business Policies and Procedures. The Qualification through its Elective Component enables the learner to specialize in areas of Administration such as Reception, Executive Administration, Financial Literacy, Relationship Management, Legal Knowledge, Communication, Project Administration and Support, Call Centre Administration and Human Resources.

This Qualification is intended to enhance the provision of service within the field of Administration within all business and non-commercial sectors. The Business Administration Learnership ensures progression of learning, enabling the learner to meet standards of service excellence required within the Administration field of learning, through building day-to-day Administration skills as well as general operational.


The National Certificate in Business Administration Services: NQF Level 4 is designed to meet the needs of those learners both employed or unemployed, who are already involved or wish to become involved in the field of Administration. Administration is an essential field of learning as administration competencies apply to all industries and to many non-commercial ventures such as sports/recreation clubs, religious groups, etc. This means that there is an on-going need for skilled administrative people to carry out these functions both in the commercial and non-commercial sectors. This is a field where there is hardly a shortage of jobs, making the Business Administration learnership a highly sought after qualification. There is also a need to develop career paths in this field so as to offer people involved in Administration the opportunity to continue with a programme of life-long learning, which will make them knowledgeable and skilled employees with enhanced employment opportunities. The skills, knowledge, values and attitudes reflected in the Business Administration Learnership are building blocks that will be developed further in Level 5. A learnership is a learn while you work programme. This is ideal for learners who are just out of school and cannot afford to study further. The Business Administration Learnership provides a means for them to now learn and gain experience in this particular field, whilst being able to support themselves. The learnership can also be undertaken by those who are currently employed and would like the opportunity to grow within their companies. The learnership programme ends with the learner receiving an NFQ registered qualification while getting acquainted with the field. The qualification makes getting into the administration field that much administration learnership

The intention of the Business Administration Learnership is:

  • To promote the development of knowledge and skills that are required for the efficient performance of Administrative functions in any commercial or non-commercial environment. The administrative support structure is essential for the day to day smooth sailing of any business, which is why employees in this position must be equipped to handle the challenges.
  • To release the potential of people. This can especially be in regard to current employees who would want to advance their skillset and move through the ranks at their current company. Learnerships offer them the chance to learn the trade hands on, so when the qualification is gained, so is experience in that field of study.
  • To provide opportunities for people to move up the value chain. The National Certificate in Business Administration Services: Level 4 should produce knowledgeable, multi-skilled workers who are able to contribute to improved productivity and efficiency within all commercial and non-commercial sectors.
  • It should provide the means for current workers to receive recognition of prior learning, to upgrade their skills and achieve a nationally recognized Qualification.
  • It should also assist new entrants to the industry. The learnership allows for a young person entering the work force to be able to put the programme into use in a workplace setting and gain valuable experience that will be needed for future employment administration learnership

On achieving this Qualification, the learner will:

  • Have knowledge of the procedures for stock and fixed asset control and be able to:
  • Apply such knowledge and maintain the appropriate registers for the company
  • Ensure that employees have the resources they need on an on-going basis through efficiently ordering and distributing stationery and other requirements.
  • Develop Administrative systems together with other employees to:
  1. Control and keep all information required by the organisation up to date and in an organized manner
  2. Ensure the confidentiality of information
  3. Control the availability of resources information
  4. Develop administrative procedures relating to the systems and to write them into a manual for use by other employees.
  • Improve organisational effectiveness, by being able to:
  1. Manage all Administration records him/herself without constant management
  2. Assist others in the organisation to do so, and teach them if necessary.
  • Present information that is routinely and regularly required, as well as specific information that is requested from time-to-time:
  1. Appropriate report format
  2. In a timely manner
  3. Make amendments to report format and writing