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 B-BBEE compliance has become synonymous with doing business in South Africa. Unfortunately we have found that companiesare not able to implement B-BBEE effectively within their businesses, and therefore this results in poor scores, discontent and subsequent loss of business.

Most of this is due to a lack of understanding and knowledge related to B-BBEE and lack of capacity to implement the requirements; this is where we are able to assist organisations with improving their score, complying with the government requirements and at the same time  making the organisation more competitive within the sector.

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 We have tried to keep it as simple as possible.


In order to get a B-BBEE score, your organisation needs to be verified; only a SANAS or IRBA verification company is allowed to provide you with a verification certificate.


B-BBEE Verifiers

B-BBEE Consultants

B-BBEE Verifiers (SANAS & IRBA) are ONLY allowed to verify (issue certificates), not consult or advise. B-BBEE Verification Consultants can ONLY advise NOT verifiy, not issue certificates.

Misconception:  Clients often complain that the Verifier did not help them or advise them on how they could lower their score. The reason is that they cannot advise, only verify.

Companies serious about their B-BBEE score use consultants.

How will we help you?

Financial Benefits


Save money

Saves you money on verification Costs


Verification fees are reduced as the verification will take less time.


better business

Better B-BBEE rating leads to more clients.

& Less Competition.

Companies will be using suppliers with lower B-BBEE scores, this means more clients and less competition.


Our fees can add additional value as they may be claimed as part of  your  B-BBEE spend.

Fees form part of your Skills Development Spend.




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