Employment Equity, Skills Development and BEE Training

Employment Equity
Employment Equity, Skills Development and B-BBEE


Employment Equity Committees, Skills Development and Training Committees are often made up of the same committee members for various reasons.

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In addition the committees will also understand the impact of Skills Development and Employment Equity on the B-BBEE scorecard.

Part 1 – Employment Equity and the role of the Employment Equity Committee.

Understanding the Employment Equity Act is the most important part of the process. Once the EE Act is understood your organisation’s unique requirements can be addressed and the act can then be implemented to address these needs succinctly.

An Employment Equity Committee is the most important asset to an effective Employment Equity Strategy.
Unpacking the EE Act.
– Understanding the Act.
– Purpose of the Act.
Understanding the impact of the new amendments and the implementation.
– New amendments gazetted in 2014.
– Implications of the amendments.
– How to implement the amendments successfully.
– Fines and penalties as per the new amendments.

Functions of the Employment Equity Committee.
– How to nominate committee members.
– Duties and roles of the committee
– Assessing barriers within an organisation.
Employment Equity and the impact on B-BBEE
– How EE impacts on the scorecard.
– Why EE must be integrated effectively.

Part 2 – Skills Development and the role of the Training Committee.
Unpacking the Skills Development Act.
– Understanding the Act.
– Purpose of the Act.
Skills Audits.
– What is a skills audit?
– How to implement a skills audit?

The role of the Skills Development facilitator
– Workskills Plans
-Annual Training Reports
-Scarce and Critical Skills
– Sector Skills Reports

Mandatory, Discretionary and Pivotal Grants
-The different meaning of each grant.
-How to successfully apply.

– What are learnerships
– How to implement a learnership
– The value of learnerships
– R 60 000 tax concession per learner
– The impact of Learnerships on B-BBEE Scorecard

The Training Committee
– Functions of the committee
– -When/how to implement a skills audit.

Part 3 – B-BBEE
– The EE Element of the B-BBEE Scorecard
– How points are allocated for Employment Equity
– Reporting requirements for the Employment Equity Element.
– How to classify disabled employees.
– The Skills Development Element of the B-BBEE scorecard.
– How points are allocated for skills development.
– Reporting requirements for the Skills Development Element.